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On Tour with Evernote Community—Where Ideas are the Universal Language

On Tour with Evernote Community—Where Ideas are the Universal Language

Posted by Pamela Rosen on 02 Jun 2016


Evernote’s Joshua Zerkel, Director of Global Community, Channels and Training, along with EMEA Marketing Manager Pierre-Emmanuel Boiton recently made a whirlwind tour around the world. Their goal: meet with members of the Evernote community. Wherever they went, Josh and Pierre-Emmanuel spread the word about Evernote’s revamped community programs and shared expert tips for increasing productivity.

Through their travels, Josh said, one thing became crystal clear: though cultures, languages, and approaches to work differ, everyone around the world has the desire to create and nurture ideas. "No matter where we went," Josh recalled, "Ideas are the universal language. They’re the most cross-cultural asset of all. It doesn’t matter whether they’re nature enthusiasts in Oslo, young entrepreneurs in London, or professional organizers in Atlanta. Everyone recognizes when something is useful."

Josh and Pierre-Emmanuel tell their story:

London Calling

London venue, Shoredich

The impressive Huckletree co-working space, a post-industrial re-imagining of a Victorian factory

Global educational company General Assembly hosted us at Huckletree, a co-working space in Shoreditch, East London. At Huckletree, they’ve blasted away the dark Victorian factory interior that was formerly housed here and replaced it with inspiring modernity, full of light and air.  Our guest speaker was Michael Tobin, OBE, author of Forget Strategy. Get Results. Tobin advised our guests that simplicity was the key to higher productivity.

London Tip:
You can spend lots of time researching productivity best practices, setting up complex workflows, and creating detailed strategies for staying productive, but you may be inadvertently wasting time and making things harder on yourself.

Agreement and debate in Paris

Paris presentation

In Paris, Josh (in black) fielded questions in English from his French-speaking audience thanks to interpretation and moderation help from EMEA Evernote Marketing Manager Pierre-Emmanuel Boiton.

Next stop: Paris. Co-working space Le Tank welcomed us and our guests, entrepreneurs Manuel Diaz and Maxime Garrigues, for a discussion on how to stay productive while on the go. Diaz advised the audience that company growth requires updating workflows and making other systemic changes.

Paris Tip:
Anticipate that structural changes in the business will also require changes to Evernote workflows, and build your system to be flexible enough to easily adapt to the needs of a mobile workforce.

Berlin: A changing city, a changing work style

Berlin Photo

Berlin’s vibrant startup culture brings work and play outdoors.

The startup culture in ultra-modern Berlin has a multicultural air. Would-be entrepreneurs and business owners here are brilliant, energetic, and connected with colleagues all over the world. We met them at co-working space Factory.

The questions in Berlin centered on distributed teams. "How can teams stay organized and productive when some members are remote? How can we work together, how can we keep track of our tasks?"When teammates work across time zones, as the Berlin crowd often does, it’s vital to have real-time information—especially when face-to-face communication isn’t possible.

Berlin tip:
Collect ideas in a shared notebook—that way, team members all over the world can work together in real time.

Oslo: Time is a precious commodity to use wisely

Oslo location

Nordic culture and food greeted us in Oslo. Efficiency, nature, and family time dominated the conversation.

Nordic culture values family and nature over professional time. To stay competitive, Norwegian workers are interested in organization and efficiency. "You aren’t static," said our guest Morten P. Røvik, the only certified Getting Things Done Master Trainer in the Nordics. "Your personal and professional lives evolve over time."

Oslo tip:
Ensure that the things you do to stay productive can adapt to changes in your personal life and working world.

Zurich: You’re using Evernote the right way

Zurich mixer

Every event included a mixer, networking opportunities, and a post-session Q&A, like this one in Zurich.

Individuality was the trend in Zurich, where users were treated to a "peek behind the Evernote curtain" panel discussion to learn how we develop and market our products. Everybody we met wanted to know if they were using Evernote "correctly."  The answer is yes—everyone agreed that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to use Evernote. On this topic, Switzerland remains neutral.

Zurich tip:
Use Evernote however you want. Whatever works for you is great, but consider looking at more features in Evernote to get even more out of it.

Atlanta: Inspiring stories and power users

National Association of Professional Organizers

The National Association of Professional Organizers was eager to meet the Evernote team.

For the last stop on our tour, we hosted a gathering at the National Association of Professional Organizers conference in Atlanta. The organizers in Atlanta have a lot of Evernote love, and they weren’t shy about asking for integrations and improvements they’d like to see. We were excited to share the latest updates from Evernote, like our integration with Google Drive and recent updates to Evernote for Android and Windows.

Atlanta tip:
Look for continual additions and improvements to Evernote to make it even more indispensible for helping you manage how you work and live.

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  • Maryhope Tobin Edit

    I loved this article. Or very nearly. You had me until "young." That jumped off the screen and bit me on my middle-aged nose. Why doesn’t anyone ever say "and Berlin was hopping with brilliant middle-aged people?" Middle-aged people are awesome. We know stuff. We know who we are. And most of all, we have fucked up plenty, but we (probably) learned from it.

    • prosen Edit

      Maryhope–Thank you so much for the feedback. As the author of the article (and of a certain age myself) I think you’re right. I’ve made the appropriate change to the article and incorporated your word—"brilliant,"— instead. Thank you for calling us on it.

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