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Evernote Employee Inspiration: Make a Living, Breathing Baby Book

Posted by Pamela Rosen on 22 Jul 2016

The people who work at Evernote tend to be creative, individualistic types with a flair for spotting and using great ideas. Inspired by airy surroundings and collaborative atmosphere, Evernoters happily mix work with life and share their discoveries about using Evernote. In this series, we’ll spotlight employees and the clever and creative ways they use the product! Get some inspiration from Evernote insiders.

Jarrad Wilson

Jarrad Wilson is a sentimental guy. Memories mean a lot to him but he also looks forward to creating new ones. A customer success manager at Evernote, he helps customers get the most from Evernote’s business product. But in his own life, in addition to using Evernote for work, he’s devised ways to use Evernote to discover new things about his surroundings. New to the San Francisco Bay Area, Jarrad keeps a notebook to remind him of things he’s interested in doing on the weekends. When co-workers make recommendations, or he sees something interesting on the web, he saves it in Evernote so he never runs out of new avenues to explore.

“Of course, now, that I have a son, I’m interested in finding kid-friendly activities and restaurants," Jarrad noted. Speaking of his son, Jarrad has taken the concept of a baby book to the next level using Evernote.

“This is my first kid, and having a kid doesn’t come with a manual," Jarred said. “So any resources I can find about what to do with him at each age, how to play with him, engage, educate, or inspire him, I clip into Evernote. It’s something to refer to later when I’m not sure what to do."

Jarrad’s son discovers the home team at a San Francisco Giants game.

Jarrad’s two-year-old goes to a tech-savvy daycare that sends out monthly updates on how he’s doing. If they mention any milestones, Jarrad notes those in Evernote. “Snack and meal calendars go into Evernote, too, so we have a rough idea of what he eats. When we take him for haircuts, I show the stylist pictures of styles that everyone has liked. I note his medical records. I’m also tracking things like words and walking milestone dates.

“I don’t want to forget these milestones," Jarrad explained. “I don’t want to forget things like when he sat up for the first time. I use my phone to record his voice, or take a picture so I don’t forget. It’s important to get stuff down as it happens—and also to record what it meant to me."

Jarrad is aware that he’s creating a private, precious record in a safe place not only for himself but as a testament for his son, as well. He plans to show the notebook to his son when he’s old enough. “Being a parent gives you a whole new perspective about memories," he said. “Inside jokes may be forgotten, memories may fade, and moments go. I’ve even heard of people who have recorded their child’s heartbeat in Evernote. Memories like these don’t matter to other people," Jarrad reflected, ‘but Evernote is a way to preserve them for those who care, and can make those memories tangible."


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  • Ric

    This is smart and I fit in this category perfectly. Don’t have a kid yet but i’ll make a note about this smart idea. This reminded me how i badly wanted to create an ongoing newsletter for family and friends. I live in a country where i need a VPN to access and edit most blogging platforms and honestly, i wanted to reach out with updates of my life in a more simple way but still allowing people to be able to retrieve previous “posts". How to achieve this?

  • Tameem Safi

    Evernote is the best note taking app I think. Has helped me a lot, with the easy to use interface.

  • JD

    My favorite note is the one that contains my son saying “I Love You" for the first time. It’s hard to always remember to catch these moments when you’re busy paying bills, doing taxes, and working through those to-dos. But 30 years from now, I won’t care how much I paid for my cell phone service or what my AGI was for 2009. But those truly special moments will be a joy to unearth. Like a time capsule that never had to be buried.

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