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IFTTT: (If) You’d Like to Automate Evernote, (Then) You Should Try These

IFTTT: (If) You’d Like to Automate Evernote, (Then) You Should Try These

Posted by Pamela Rosen on 08 Dec 2016

In a busy world, more apps and services often mean more clutter. Ideas get scattered across notes, files, social media posts, and emails. Contacts are in one app, photos in another. Moving information is a pain, if we remember to do it at all. That’s where IFTTT comes in.

IFTTT (“If This, Then That," pronounced “IF-tee") makes it easy to connect your favorite apps by creating simple recipes known as “applets": If something happens in one app, IFTTT automatically triggers an action in another app. For example, if you add a new contact to your phone, IFTTT can create a note for that contact in Evernote. You can create a new applet yourself in under a minute (no coding required), or use any of the thousands of applets shared by other IFTTT users. Here are a few of our favorite applets that connect to Evernote.


More than half of Evernote customers have Gmail accounts, and IFTTT makes it ridiculously easy to archive important pieces of information from Gmail. You can tell IFTTT to save all your Amazon order confirmations and iTunes receipts into a notebook, for example, so you can see how much you spent. (Try not to be too scared to look at the results at the end of the year.) Or you could create an applet to save all emails from a particular sender to Evernote.

Connect Gmail to Evernote


Whether you know it or not, you’ve been keeping a diary. Every time you post a status on Facebook, you’re capturing a tiny snippet of your life. Maybe you’re announcing that you got a new car or a job, sharing a favorite meme, video, photo, or article, or pouring out your heart to your sympathetic audiences. With the IFTTT applet that saves your Facebook statuses in Evernote, you have a rich, multimedia journal that you can share, embellish, reflect upon, and reminisce.

Connect Facebook to Evernote


Reddit is an avalanche of information, opinions, advice, and more, and dedicated Redditors swear by its old-school format. But if you’re collecting a particular type of information, Reddit can be difficult to navigate. Save popular productivity tips from Reddit’s /r/productivity subreddits so that you can review them later. Or, if there’s another topic you’re following, use this IFTTT applet to create a note in Evernote whenever you save a post on Reddit.

Connect Reddit to Evernote


Did you know that you can copy files saved in Dropbox to Evernote? The benefit of duplicating Dropbox files is the powerful search functionality that Evernote offers. It might be difficult to find files in Dropbox, but Evernote will find notes based on any remembered word in the document, including handwriting and words captured in images.

Connect Dropbox to Evernote 


Bloggers appreciate the IFTTT applet that allows them to create content in Evernote and then post it directly to WordPress blogs. Naturally, you’ll want to pop over to WordPress to ensure that the HTML and formatting are correct, but the real magic here is the ability to create, post, and archive content in once place. You’ll find applets that go the opposite way (saving posts from WordPress to Evernote) and applets that do the same things for Medium.

Connect WordPress to Evernote

Android and iOS:

There is no shortage of IFTTT applets connecting iOS and Android devices to Evernote, and they have pretty much the same functionality across platforms. There are applets for saving photos and contacts to Evernote, logging calls, turning your reminders into checklists in Evernote, and creating to-do lists.

Browse all Evernote applets 

Some applets you see may seem silly. Why, you ask, do you need to save your Feedly favorites in Evernote when you can simply save them…in Feedly? It’s not as strange as it seems. Evernote not only gives you a higher level of search functionality, but it also provides context. For example, if you’ve saved an article in Feedly to read later, and IFTTT copies it into Evernote, Evernote will offer suggestions for other notes on the same or related subject that you might have forgotten about.

A word of caution: it’s easy to forget you have an IFTTT applet running. Some applets create individual notes every time the applet is triggered. Make sure you really want IFTTT to do what you ask of it—because it will.

Using IFTTT to connect Evernote with the other apps and services you use every day means you can increase your productivity without having to lift a finger.  IFTTT makes it possible to save a lot of time, but there may be a little time investment up front. However you use it, IFTTT helps you get more from Evernote by automating tasks that would otherwise be too labor-intensive to do manually.

Do you have favorite IFTTT applets for Evernote? Share them with us!


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  • Samir

    One problem with saving things in Evernote is when you Send a Copy via E-mail, the hyperlink no longer gets sent. It’s a real pain that this feature disappeared. Often when I want to send things to people, I want to include the hyperlink of the source (duh).

    • zotje

      Do you have your ifttt applet set up to send the FirstAttachmentPublicUrl ingredient? I always have the URL available in Evernote from my ifttt applets.

  • ej

    I automate with IFTTT too… numerous times a day – and as a matter of fact, I just read this blog post from within Evernote because I have blog posts heading straight to my Evernote ‘inbox’ through an RSS IFTTT feed.

    In addition to Evernote blog posts feeding to my Evernote system, I have numerous other blog posts feed into an “IFTTT" notebook within Evernote. I have specific tags set so I know what blog they came from, subject tags and a “still to read" tag that I can sort on. Whenever I have a few minutes to read, I can look up that tag (and sort by subject if I want), pick an article and decide if I’m keeping it or not.

    Also utilizing the RSS/Feed function of IFTTT I keep a close eye on a few of my favorite Instagram feeds and can mark certain photos I like as inspiration to further my own goals in photography, off road travels and outdoor adventures.

    Next, I have IFTTT keep a log of all my ‘tweets’ in Evernote as well as collect an archive of tweets I favorite.

    Finally, I take a lot of screen shots on my Android phone and tablets…. an IFTTT “Applet" automatically sends those over to Evernote for me to tag and organize how I need.

    It’s a busy system, but it works for me (101 “IFTTT" created notes today) – but it allows me to collect the data that I want so I can reference it when (and where) I want as well.

    • Josh Kelly

      ej, That RSS IFTTT sounds really cool. This would be a great add as gist on github or just sharing how you set Evernote up to be more useful.

    • AJ

      I really like the screenshot idea, will look for an IOS recipe for that right now!

  • Paul

    This suggests you can save the actual files from Dropbox to Evernote, but the only ingredients in the Applet on IFTTT is to save the file name and URL. That doesn’t let you do any of the rich searching you suggest here.

    • Jan Karlsbjerg

      Ditto with the Facebook status copying to Evernote. The resulting “diary" is NOT multimedia, as you can only send over text, not pictures you post to your wall/status.

  • zotje

    My favorite ones are from gmail to evernote. I have one that searches for the word itinerary in the subject and saves it automatically to the mytravel notebook so I always know exactly where to look when I’m on the move and don’t have time to search through all my emails on my phone.

    • Michael E Hardin

      Why would you have to search through all your emails? Why couldn’t you just search for subject:itinerary in gmail? I love evernote, but I don’t see how moving emails to evernote makes them any easier to find.

  • DC Dawg

    I use IFTTT to save article links I mark in Feedly. These are articles I either want to read later or save for other reasons.

    I also use Workflow on iOS! I use Workflow to save specialized news clippings for a monthly newsletter I write. Workflow makes it easier to control exactly what I want because I designed the workflow scripts I use.

  • aiko

    since google mines all info it gets it’s hands on, isn’t there a danger in giving google access to evernote files which in my case I use for business and keep some very confidential information which I wouldn’t want google to have. How does someone protect themselves against the hacking that google has experienced in the past.

    • Pamela Rosen

      Hi, there! Thanks for writing in! You might want to check out to read more about how Evernote and Google work to keep your data private. -Pam R

  • Mike

    I have security concerns about both Evernote and IFTTT. I work in an industry that requires VERY strict security. I must meet banking standards of security as I deal with highly sensitive information. As I understand the process, using IFTTT would disclose this content to the IFTTT web services and that would require me to have them under contract to observe the same security standards I must meet. Are there specific documents that address the types of security measures taken by both Evernote and IFTTT? I would need to clear this with my IT and IS departments before I used it.

  • BK

    Please add Its a must.

  • Ross

    I am still waiting to copy a picture from my desktop and paste it into Evernote web. At the moment I have to save the file to a location then import it into my note.

    • Rachel Ferla

      Give this a try. It creates an import folder which you can drop things into on your desktop but you can also set it as the download location for Chroms

  • jeffsf

    This blog post touts Evernote’s search capabilities, preferring them to Dropbox, for instance. That seems backward. Dropbox allows me to search not only with a find command, but using the groupings I make with folders and subfolders, which don’t require me to remember exact names of things the way Evernote tags to, for instance (and on iOS, it’s extremely cumbersome to look at the tags list). If Evernote had a more robust ability to group notes into not only stack and notebooks, but sub-notebooks, only then would Evernote catch up to Dropbox in the finding-things category.

  • Lasse

    Besides IFTTT, Zapier definitely deserves a mention!
    It is more advanced than IFTTT and – most important – when transferring from Gmail it exports the URL backlink as well, as opposed to IFTTT.
    The same goes when exporting from Evernote. Backlinks to the note in Evernote can be included.
    Zapier is not free but each account can make 5 free connections.

    P.S. It is VERY annoying that the “email to evernote" does not include the Gmail URL. Actually this makes me give higher priority to paying for premium Zapier than premium Evernote!

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