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Posted by Pamela Rosen on 28 Jul 2016

Forgetting sucks. Studies about learning show that we forget over 40% of what we learn within an hour of learning it. (The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve was charted in 1885 and was then promptly forgotten.) We get your struggle. We’ve been there. That’s why we’re offering eligible college students a full year of Evernote Premium at 75% off during back-to-school season—so you can get organized, hold onto more of what you learn, and beat the curve when finals come around.

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It’s all in one place—no matter how many places you have.

You take notes in many ways, and Evernote captures them all. Type notes on your laptop, tablet, or phone, and Evernote Premium syncs them across all your devices. Use your camera to scan whiteboards, handouts, sticky notes, book pages, and course syllabi and then search them. Clip and save whole web pages, or just the parts that matter. Record audio of lectures and discussions. Collect it all in Evernote, and you’ll never lose an important thought again.

Organize your stuff the way you like it

It doesn’t matter whether you organize like a pro or if your backpack looks a little like a recycling bin. You can choose to arrange your notes and photos by class, by keyword tag, or any way you want. Evernote finds them for you, fast, so you can spend your time studying material instead of looking for it. You can even find text inside images (including handwriting). With Evernote Premium, you can annotate PDFs and search Microsoft Office files, too.

Share notes and make learning more social

Missed a class? Want to help out a friend? Drowning in email? Share notes with others, even if they don’t use Evernote (but they really should). When your classmates send important emails to you, forward them right into Evernote so they’re next to your class notes. Then you can spend time studying material instead of tracking it down.

Save your education in Evernote and make your time in college unforgettable.  

A Premium deal for your most important investment

For a limited time, get a special price just for eligible college students. Get 75% off of Evernote Premium and get ready for the school year.  

Pop Quiz:

What was that guy’s name who discovered the Forgetting Curve?

See, forgetting sucks.

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